Sunday, April 15, 2012

Births, Birthdays, Visits and Visitors

Every passing day over the past month, I thought, today is the day I’m writing a blog. But, as you can see, it never happened.  I had so much to material about which to write, but never made the time to do so.  This is a quick rundown of the things that kept me from blogging over the past 5 weeks:

Our friends Kacey and Charlie had a cutie-pie baby boy, Charlie Anthony D’elia III on March 7th
I completed my Stroller Strides, Body Back, class.
Our friends Liza and Mike had a beautiful baby girl, Lanie Elizabeth Erario on March 21st
I started my 10K running group and bought a jogging stroller
The Kitzmans visited
We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Vermont with friends
We celebrated Jeff’s 31st birthday
We had Colette’s 6th month doctor’s appointment (18lbs now!)
We visited the Kitzmans
We had four open houses
My parents, Uncle Kevin and his girlfriend, Janice visited
We searched for and found an apartment (lease not yet signed, but anticipate moving June 1st)
We celebrated Passover and Easter with family in West Hartford
Colette (accompanied by me) started swimming lessons
And lastly, we are in the midst of planning for a handful of summer trips and three weddings

It goes without saying; we had the most fun hanging with Colette, and with our friends and family:

Charlie chillin' with his two babylady friends, Colette and Lanie

New dads swapping parenting advice (Dad + Baby in Baby Bjorn = Chick Magnet)
Kitzmans in Brooklyn post park run (Shawna) and donut run (Dave)

Brooklyn is only great, because every month, we get to leave it and go here/home!
We had and will continue to have the least fun getting kicked out of and cleaning our apartment for our landlord’s weekly Sunday afternoon Open Houses. Cleaning is a loose term, considering we just throw every thing possible under our bed and any other place, we hope potential buyers won’t look.

I never thought I would say this, but I’m really looking forward to moving.