Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Everyday Superhero

I always new Jeff would be a good father, and my own Dad is awesome, so my standards are very high. But saying, Jeff is a “good” father, doesn’t do it justice. Colette and I chatted, and we both agree that he’s AMAZING!

First of all, he’s around a lot, like nearly all the time. Secondly, he’s patient, calm and gets child psychology.  Even when parenting seems hard or tedious, he never lets it show, although I kind of suspect he’s superhuman and it’s not at all hard or tedious to him.  Plus, he’s fun!  Combine all of those traits and you have one hell of a superhero-type dad/spouse/playmate.

Tonight, after an amazing day of picnicking in Central Park, playing in the water fountains at The Museum of Natural History and having a dance party in the family room, when I put Colette to bed, she whimpered and I asked her what she needed. She said “daddy”.  This is a common request so I step aside, let Jeff do his thing and she’s asleep within minutes.   When she chooses him over me, it’s easy to feel hurt or jealous, but I’ve learned to replace those feelings with pride and thankfulness; we’re two lucky ladies and we both know things are better with Jeff/Dad by our side. 

Happy Father's Day! We love you!