Monday, January 30, 2012

Cooking is so 2010

In my previous post, I wrote that one of my goals for 2012 was to write more both on my blog and in my journal and unfortunately, I'm not doing either.  I'm busy, just like everyone else, but not so much so that I can't find a few hours each week to write, especially because I enjoy it.

Perhaps, I can do it at dinner time, since I no longer cook.  Or maybe, I can write instead of watching Toddlers & Tiara's (keep that between us) late at night while I pump.  It's all about time management and prioritizing.   Interests and priorities have definitely shifted over the last year, and even more so over the last four months.

My Grand Supreme 

Pre-pregnancy, I used to unwind from the day by making a nice dinner for Jeff and myself. Now, I can't be bothered.  Most nights we have Indian or sushi delivered, or pop an Amy's pizza into the oven.  I used to love going to the grocery store, hand selecting fruit and vegetables while planning meals for the week. I haven't gone into the grocery store in over a month.  Instead, I just click on Fresh Direct's "Quick Shop" button and receive the same staples every week.  My taste buds approve, but my skinny jeans don't. Jeff does not seem to miss my cooking nor the mess in the kitchen that I left in my wake.

Let's see, what else has changed...

I'm not the wine drinker I used to be, but love a cold micro brew
I haven't been to Pilates in over a month
I don't make my lunch anymore
I'm no longer wearing maternity clothes
Stroller Strides is over, now that I'm back at work

Um, this does not seem like a healthy trend!

Luckily, I have a new obsession.  It's my flavor of the month fitness routine.  No, not PX90. I lent that chessy-ass DVD set to my brother-in-law Dave.

It's Winter Warriors, a running club for working moms.  We meet on Wednesday nights at 7:30PM and 8:00AM on Saturday mornings at Prospect Park.   I leave Colette with Jeff on Wednesday's since she's usually asleep as I'm lacing up and running out the door.  But I take her with me on Saturday's so Jeff can sleep in.   I'm one of the only Moms that runs with a stroller, but they help out and take turns pushing it for me.  This weekend, I ran 3.5 miles at a nice clip, without stopping.  I'm back and it feels awesome. The group is a running a 10K in February and we are all working in preparation for race day.

It's not technically a running stroller, but...
Okay, so I finally updated my blog, and it's 11:57PM.  Which is 57 minutes, past my bedtime.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Annual Review

Last year was a big year.  Just to recap; I began writing this blog, tested my ability at being a student once again, worked hard, spent a lot of time with friends and family, traveled plenty, ran and swam, rocked being pregnant, became a mom, enjoyed maternity leave to the fullest and made some great new friends in the process.    

I’d say it was an eventful year for my whole family.  

On a low note, my Dad’s youngest sister, Monique, died unexpectedly this fall, just six months after their mothers passing.   Sadly, my parents lossed two other friends in unexpected and untimely deaths this year.  They also put down Riley, their kind little adopted Westie, a few days after Christmas.  Wow. It sounds really bad when compiled into one paragraph.

On a high note, my sister Shawna, her husband Dave, and daughter Edie moved from Seattle to Connecticut this summer.  They also started new jobs and bought a house. Jeff’s Sister Shana got married.  Plus, two of my close friends Liza and Kacey are both pregnant and due in March, and my dear friend Kelly got engaged and is most likely getting married this summer.  Wow. That sounds like a lot too!

Jeff and I rang in 2012 celebrating with new neighborhood friends Kate and Ira.  We drank champagne and toasted to new friendships and new babies, as our little ones slept nearby.  Their son Daniel is the same age as Colette and will be her playmate at day care when he starts this spring. 

Colette started at Eladia’s Day Care last Tuesday when I went back to work. I’m proud to say that we all did really well adjusting.  She comes home happy but tired, and practically jumps into her crib at 7:00PM.  As her daily report card states, she’s a happy and hungry baby.  They said she eats a lot and smiles a lot.   Her day care is about a 10-minute walk down our street, next to the train I take to work.  She usually falls asleep by the time we arrive and she wakes up when I unbundle her out of the Ergo.  On the walk over I talk to her about what I have going on that day and let her know I love her even though I’m not with her.  When I hand her over to Fatima, one of the teachers, she smiles and goes to join the other babies for morning tummy time. 

I don’t get report cards any more, but if I did, mine would say that I’m happy and eat well too!  I miss Cole even when she’s sleeping down the hall, so of course I miss her when I’m a work, but I really believe she will benefit greatly from interacting with her little friends at day care and from Jeff and I, well-balanced, working and loving parents.  The time I spend with her is more limited now, so I don’t take it for granted and jump up to change dirty diapers and feed her early in the morning.

1st report card

This year, and like every other year, and everyone else in the world, I want to get in better shape and save more money.  BORING.

But here are a few random and less generic things I’d also like to see happen in 2012…

Be less moody.  When I get annoyed or frustrated that something doesn’t work out as planned….I want to mope about it for  no more than 10 minutes and then move on.  This is something I really struggle with. It’s not an attractive trait and certainly not behavior I want copied by Colette.

Go camping…meant to last year but it never happened.

Compliment others more. Everyone loves being complimented and I don’t do it enough.

Get an iPhone and rely on Jeff less for EVERYTHING related to news, weather, pop culture, media, directions, etc.

Write a living will.  Just as last year proved, you never know when your time is up. Plus, babies change everything.

Have an awesome 30th birthday party.

New Year! New chair! New Toy (Hand-me-down)!
Write more often…in my journal and on my blog.  

Make a great cocktail

Put things were they belong from the start, ie. toys, towels, shoes, purse, clothes, jackets. They all have their respective homes, but never get put where they should when they should, like when I walk in the front door.

Go to bed on time…11pm on weeknights.

Happy New Year everyone!