Sunday, May 8, 2011

Egg Surprise!

This bright and sunny Sunday morning, I was cutting up a hard-boiled egg and found, to my surprise, twins!  

I felt like a little kid again, opening the momma dog's Velcroed stomach (so odd, in retrospect) of Puppy Surprise! Which sadly, I don't think I ever owned, but I remember playing with.  I never knew anyone who won the jackpot and found five puppies inside.  I do know that that's what every little girl hoped for.  

I have to say, as exciting as multiples are, I was relieved to see only one embryo in my first ultrasound, at least for this first go-around.   Immediately after opening that egg, it reminded me to call my Mom and wish her a Happy Mother's Day.

I usually see my Mom on Mother's Day but since my Parents just visited us for Easter and we were home the weekend before that, it didn't make sense this year.   I sent her a card and Lululemon workout gear instead.   It was a nice and thoughtful gift, but nothing like the gift I made for her a few years ago. 

For Mother’s Day 2009, I polled my Sister and Dad for advice and teachings we've learned from my Mom, over our lifetime.   I edited the list, matted and framed it. She loved my hand-made, heartfelt present, just like all moms do.  

I've learned a lot from my Mom over the years and continue to do so, so much so that I could probably write a new list, with fresh material, every year.   Most of what I've learned from her, I am confident I will also do, and do well.  

However, as I embark on becoming a Mom, there are a few things about my Mom's personality that made her a perfect fit for the job.  My mom does not stress easily and she is not uptight.  Unlike her, and this scares me more than anything else, I'm a worrier, a stressor and eek, uptight.  From what I can tell, I don't think that makes for a fun and relaxed Mom.  She never really seemed to care if we got clothes dirty, climbed a tree too high, biked too fast or far ahead, messed up a recipe, used glue and permanent pens, made her late, or puked on the nice sheets. 
Possum Surprise!
This momma looks a little stressed. Wonder why?!

So, next year, this time, I hope that I'm a little bit more like Teri. Calm and cool, possibly with glitter on hands, puke on my favorite shirt, and a smile on my face.

Happy Mother's Day to the mom I want to be just like!

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