Friday, March 2, 2012

Are You Happy?

This is the final post in my weeklong challenge.  It was definitely a challenge and kept me from getting to bed before 12AM on most nights, but it was doable and somewhat enjoyable.   I’m not going to continue to write everyday, but it proves that it’s certainly is feasible to write once a week, at the very least.  The more frequently I write, the less pressure I put on myself to make it an epic post that takes two hours to write, edit and for which to find relevant pictures.  I ain’t got time fo that no mo  (note time saving grammatical shortcuts I’m now implementing).

This weekend Jeff’s 18-year-old sister, Julie is visiting.  She doesn’t know this yet (unless she reads this, which she will), but Jeff and I, in addition to doing really fun things, would like to help her create a 5-year plan.  Like, most high school students, she’s undecided about her plans after graduation and having been in her shoes not too long ago, we’d like to listen to her, and help her outline her goals, and the pathway to achieve them.  As you all know, I’m very big on goal setting.

I think this decision-making map is a good starting place for anyone, at any age.

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