Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Hours

In the post before last, I promised to make time to write about all the things we’ve had going on in last month. Oops. Here’s a quick update so I can get back on track and stop feeling guilty:

Erin, Danielle, Kelly (Bride), Me, Sue, Vanessa

Erin and I co-hosted Kelly’s 48-hour bachelorette party in Vegas mid-May.  It was a weekend filled with short skirts (not mine, of course), tall drinks, late nights and long lines.  The six of us had a great time hanging out poolside, dining, dancing and people watching.

For Memorial Day weekend Jeff, Colette and I went to San Francisco to visit our good friends Jen and Dave and my cousin Ryan and his wife, Audrey. It was Colette’s first plane ride, and by the looks of it, the two of ours as well.  We were late to the airport, escorted through security, fumbling a baby and all related gear.  We were the last ones to board and so thrilled that we made the plane that we didn’t even care when we proceeded to wait on the tarmac for 3 hours before takeoff due to air traffic.  Colette was a champ, bounced between the two of us as the plane crept along the jet way, fell asleep as we ascended, and didn’t wake up until we arrived in California.  It was a short, but incredibly fun and relaxing trip…props to our hosts!

A few days after we returned from San Fran we moved into our new apartment.  The movers were awesomely efficient and we did our best to stay out of their way.  My parents helped us get situated the day after the move, and then escorted us to Connecticut for our friends' wedding. 

This past weekend Colette and I went back to Connecticut for Kelly’s bridal shower, to hang with family and friends and enjoy the start of summer. Hooray for summer!

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