Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Company

I spent the first half of last week in Chicago attending a conference for work. I coincidentally, stayed at the Hyatt downtown, just a few blocks away from Nordstroms.  After having dinner with some friends, I paid my favorite department store a visit.

Let me back up a minute.  As long I as know what I’m looking for, I like shopping. I'm best shopping solo.  And I prefer to shop anywhere but New York City.  Surprisingly, Nordstroms doesn’t exist in NYC.  Which is fine by me, because if it did, it would be a picked over and crowded mess, just like every other store in the city.

This Nordstroms was clean, chock full of shiny things, calming and empty.  First, I checked out the shoe department for shoes for Kelly’s wedding but didn’t find anything, and then headed to the kids section for Colette’s flower girl dress but didn’t see anything in an acceptable price or fabric (I have a no baby in tulle rule).  Next, I checked out the athletic wear department and found a much-needed running hat, and lastly ended up in the lingerie department. 

As I was looking around and a sales associate asked if I needed help.  She asked me my bra size and I stumbled. She offered take my measurements.  I’ve never been professionally fitted for a bra and it was something I had always wanted to do, so I accepted her offer.

She educated me on the proper way a bra should fit, ‘cause I had it all wrong.  For example, I’ve always worn my bras on the tightest hook with the understanding that I as got fatter; I would have room to expand.  However, apparently bras are like leather shoes and stretch-out over time.  She said I should wear the bra on the furthest hook and over time as it stretches, move inward.  I get it now!

Once I was properly fitted (I was way off) she ran back and forth bringing me things to try on while I stayed put in the dressing room. It was awesome and I ended up getting some nice new underthings, which fit, thanks to their incredible service.  I left there an even bigger fan of Nordstroms while pondering my “ah ha” bra moment.

In addition to Nordstroms, these are my favorite places to shop:

Target – Love it, just not the one in Brooklyn.
Etsy – The sellers are truly passionate about their work and it shows.
Amazon – Makes city-livin’ and big-spendin’ easy. Too easy.
1-800-Contacts – Great prices and customer service.
Fresh Direct – Not so great prices, but great produce and service.
Trader Joes – Wish I had one in my ‘hood.
Moosejaw – Outdoor gear company with huge sense of humor. I buy shit, just to interact with them.
Marshalls – Their dressing room dust-bunnies are as big as the savings. Fucking huge.
Penguin - For Jeff. 

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  1. They renovated the WH Marshall's dressing rooms. No more dust bunnies or basement crack house lighting. Trust, I checked recently.