Monday, August 19, 2013

Just Add Water

Summer is not even over yet, but I’ve done some reflecting, and it’s been a great one. I've learned from my mistake of last year, and made a point to take some longer chucks of time out of the office/city and take more advantage of summer in the city when we weren’t traveling.  This June, July and August have been action-packed, yet relaxing at the same time.  I have no regrets this time around and my maternity swim suit is busting at the seams, either from overuse or my growing size, but perhaps both.
Rockaway playdate with the D'Elias
Our highlights include a five-day visit to San Diego, a rented a beach house in Northfork, Long Island, a day trip to Rockaway Beach, two weekend trips to my parents lake house at Bashan Lake in Connecticut, many park picnics and play dates, dinners at Celebrate Brooklyn (our local park band shell), and a handful of BBQs and pool parties. 

Northfork, Long Island.
$25.00 inflatable pool = hours of Colette having the time of her life
Back in June, as a gift to Jeff for Father’s Day, I made a list of activities for us to do in the city either as a family or couple.  It was an attempt for me to show him that I’m committed to living in the present, ie. the city and that I wasn’t going to let our final year in the city be anything less than amazing. The list includes visits to restaurants, parks, events, playgrounds, farms, zoos, exhibits and museums we’ve never been to but always talk about.  The list is hanging on our fridge and it seems like once a week I am crossing something off of it. Damn, I love that list and the feeling I get when something is crossed off….it’s almost as much fun as the actual activity.

Future swimmer/nerd 
I’m certain Colette has enjoyed the summer as much as I have. She gravitates to all things “summer” cream sandwiches, sunblock, rock collecting, sunglasses, flip flops, bathing suits, French fries, beach balls, airplanes, car rides (minus the carsickness), poolside naps, chips and dip.  I’d say her most favorite thing about summer is WATER. Any kind of water….hot water, cold water, dirty water, bath water, sprinkler water, splashing water, bubbles in water, turtles in water, hippos in water, her mother in water (the last two are hard for most to differentiate).  I could go on and on. It turns out there is something I do enjoy more than swimming, and it’s watching how excited she gets when in and around water. She is so my daughter.  

Sprayground at Museum of Natural History

San Diego....we spent most of the time in the water.

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