Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baby, Where Are You?

It’s 2:00AM and I can’t sleep. Luckily, it’s an extreme rarity.

I can’t find a comfortable position in bed, I’m anxious, feel a little nauseous and I’ve been having mild contractions for days now.  The contractions aren’t painful, progressive or worth timing, but they’re constant and just annoying enough to be distracting.  During the day, I feel confident and ready to take on labor, but every night, usually starting around 10PM, I get nervous and feel like the world won’t be ready to respond if I needed them to, even though I know that’s not the case.  We’ve got family and friends ready to take care of Colette, and I know Jeff will take care of me, but I just wish the world would stay awake with me for the next few days.

Best $20 I've spent this entire pregnancy....jelly Crocs that expand with my swollen feet.
I've worn them daily for the past 2 months.
It was almost exactly two years ago that I was in a similar situation waiting for Colette’s arrival. Her due date, (and my Dad's birthday) September 27th, came and went and here I am tonight waiting for the arrival of her sibling, roughly a week past due.  Colette was born 11 days late with the help of several induction techniques, but most efficiently, Pitocin. If this baby doesn’t make an appearance by early Thursday morning, September 26th we will head to the hospital to start the same process.

Aside from the first trimester, I’ve had a smooth pregnancy, but even easy pregnancies get hard to towards the end.  Mentally and physically, I’ve given this baby all I’ve got with getting just a few daily kicks of validation in return.  I’m ready to feel this baby’s weight and warmth in my arms as opposed to my lower back and undercarriage.  Plus, I can’t wait to give Colette her story time lap back and to let her climb all over me like she does her dad.

Baby's tiny diapers that Colette uses on her doll.
 I limit her two a day, because she doesn't like to resuse them.
Once she uses it, she balls it up and puts it in the empty diaper pail and I dig them out after her. 

Come on, baby, the world is ready for you - day or night!

The work of Colette - no help needed. 

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