Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big News, Little Rigs

If all goes according to plan, I’ll have some bigger (and hopefully, more rewarding) challenges and goals on my plate come this fall. I am excited to say that, Jeff and I are expecting a baby (aka Little Rigs), in September.  
Edie and Auntie rockin' the sweats!

Last fall, during our engagement, we thought we would start trying to conceive shortly following our February wedding. However, we returned from our honeymoon with a list of places we still wanted to visit, road races we wanted to run, professional milestones we wanted to reach, as well as invitations to a handful weddings we looked forward to attending. And, honestly, I wasn’t ready to put one of my favorite hobbies, drinking, on hiatus. 

Jeff rockin the Bjorn
So, we had a fabulous summer traveling, partying at our friend’s weddings, working hard, drinking often, staying fit and living the highlife of DINKs. Labor Day weekend, we flew out to Seattle and met, for the first time, our one-month old peach of a niece, Edie.   With the guidance of Shawna and Dave, I held her, changed her diaper, tried to sooth her to sleep, and dressed her in outfits matching my own.  We returned to New York with a fresh perspective on parenthood and the realization that, knowing us, there will always be a list of places to visit, races to run, professional milestones to make, parties to attend, drinks to be drunk, etc.   We talked it over for a few months and we accepted the fact that we would never be parents if we waited to complete the never-ending list of events and experiences that make life so much fun.  So instead of completing the list, we just added 'have a baby' to the list.  On a more serious note, Jeff and I have discussed parenting styles, hopes and fears since the beginning of our relationship.  I probably asked him our first date, at Hartford’s Trumbull Kitchen, how many kids he planned to have and his opinion on cloth vs. disposable diapers. We agreed, two to three and disposable.

Naturally, I miss uncorking a bottle of red wine on Friday nights and having impromptu sushi dinner dates, but it’s easier than I thought it would be to put them on hold for the time being.  Fortunately, the pregnancy has been really enjoyable so far, and I made it through my first trimester without any bouts of morning sickness, extreme fatigue, weird cravings or aversions.   Next month we'll have an anatomy-screening ultrasound to ensure that the baby has all of its parts and organs in all the right places.   At this time, most couples are told the baby’s gender, but Jeff and I are going to pass, and find out when we meet him/her in person.   

14 weeks
For the time being, we plan on staying in our apartment and over the course of this spring and summer will convert our 2nd bedroom/office into the baby’s room.   We are currently in the process of looking at daycare facilities, which is easy, because there are only two places that allow 3-month olds, within walking distance.  Luckily, we really liked the first one we toured.   And slowly, the baby name list is growing, as is my baby bump.  

To summarize; I love being pregnant, Jeff and I are so excited and confident about being good parents.  Equally important, we are so appreciative to be surrounded by amazing friends and family that will be there to support and reassure us when I’m tired of being pregnant and we are scared and nervous about parenthood.   Let’s talk in August. 


  1. We are so excited to meet Little Rigs and to give you guys a break here and there, so you can go on an impromptu sushi date. We can't wait!

  2. Ashley! hope it's okay that i creeped on your blog (via chez moni). CONGRATS on your wonderful news! How many people have asked you if Eleanor is on your girl's list? :)
    Awesome baby bump... it looks good on you.
    - Erin (you know... from beachland swim team?)