Friday, October 28, 2011

Sushi Time and Tummy Time

Colette turned 3 weeks old yesterday!

It’s amazing how much and how quickly one learns about their baby, themselves and their spouse when they bring home a newborn. Jeff and I spend a good amount of time staring at Colette and studying her like a science experiment.  Oh, yeah, we hold her a lot, too.  We are learning more each day what she likes and dislikes, how many poops to expect, how to perfect stroller moves on crowded city sidewalks, how to shower in 5 minutes or less. With every passing day, we grow more in love with her and more confident that we’re doing it “right”.

We have the dialog below, or something similar to it, often.

Me: Jeff, Colette has a boogie in her nose. What do we do about it?
Jeff: I don’t know, Google it.
Me: Okay, I looked into it. We can leave it, use an aspirator, or a few drops of saline.
Jeff: Okay, I’ll use the aspirator. How does this one work?
Me: I don’t know. I think it says on the package.
Jeff: I figured it out. I’ll take care of it.
Me: Well, let me see, so I know for next time.

This is how we figure out how long to leave the breast milk out for (6 hours), how to get the poop stain of out her white clothes (fucked if I know), how to change the diaper genie (pull down, cut, knot, toss), and how to treat baby acne (leave it alone or wash with water 3x day), etc.  When we don’t know what do to, we Google it, read about it in a book, or ask someone. And then, we know what do next time it occurs.

In addition to our growing confidence, a daily routine has started to form.  Colette and I wake up together (she sleeps in a bassinet in our room) around 9:30AM, I change and feed her and she stays up for an hour or so.  Sometimes I read her a book, sing her a song, or tell her what’s on the agenda for the day. Then, she goes back to sleep, in the living room, for about 3 hours, while I make coffee, write e-mails, complete insurance paperwork, and search for Mommy & Me programs.  She wakes up again around lunchtime for another feeding and changing, and then back to sleep for another 3 hours.  As the day progresses, she gets a little more fussy but she hasn’t thrown any tantrums yet.  If she’s fed and changed, but still unhappy I put on some dance music and her in the Baby Bjorn and we dance around the living room.   Or, I’ll keep her in the Bjorn and run errands to Duane Reade, the post office, or do laundry in the basement.   She’s as happy as a clam in there.  She's usually awake around dinner time and Jeff entertains her or gives her a bath.  She won't go to sleep entirely until somewhere between 11PM - 1AM.  And then, get this, she sleeps until at least 5AM, sometimes even until 10AM. We're amazed and hoping it's not a passing phase. 

She's obviously had enough of storytime
Now that I can anticipate most of her needs, and we have a loose routine, I’ve been looking into more activities for us to take part in outside of the apartment (mostly so I don’t go crazy).  This week we went to our first Stroller Strides class and I am hooked! It’s a workout class for moms and stroller bound babes.  Cole was the youngest baby by far (by like 6 months) and the other Moms were shocked that I was outside and ready to work out.  But, honestly, I’m feeling like my old self and I’m really anxious to start looking like my old self. We also have Mom and Me Yoga that we are starting next week, as well as a Pre-crawlers class (where newborns perfect the art of Tummy Time) that starts when she is 5 weeks old.  I’m working on creating a calendar for the two of us so we can keep track of our weekly activities.   I’m surprised at how many programs are available right in our neighborhood for newborns/parents and how affordable they are…it’s overwhelming, but awesome.

Next week we are taking Colette on her first trip to Connecticut and I can’t wait for her to meet everyone back home.  Jeff and I travel really well together, and I’m curious to see how we manage with our little peach in tow.   If she’s anything like me, which um, she is, ‘cause I made her, she’ll be asleep before the train leaves the station.  Word.

Sushi! Finally!
Cole (in her carrier next to me) didn't make a peep.

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  1. I can't wait to see you guys and the little peach today!