Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Go Time

Ever since I found out I was pregnant; I’ve been getting weekly updates from BabyCenter, my go-to pregnancy web site.  Yesterday’s e-mail filled me in on how much our 1-week old baby is probably eating and sleeping. 

Eh, pump the brakes BabyCenter.  We still don’t have a baby! 

I don’t think there is a pregnant lady in the world that envisions going a week or more past her due date, but it’s so common.  Shawna, my sister, whom delivered 16 days late, after being induced, said that doctors should give you a due month, as opposed to a due date. I agree.

DJ Edie showing us how non-baby proof our pad is.
I’ve been having mild contractions for several weeks now, but they are not consistent or strong enough to propel me into full-blown labor.  My cervix has been just a 1-2 cm dilated for a few weeks now, as well.   So things are progressing, but very slowly.  I would be okay with, even prefer to wait it out and let things take place naturally, however, there’s a conflict with our social calendar.

Jeff’s sister Shana is getting married on Sunday.  Your siblings wedding and your baby’s birth are pretty major events.  He needs to be at both. And therefore, we need to prevent them from happening on the same day.  I’m heading to the hospital at 6PM tonight get induced.  The process may take a while, but my OB said we should have a baby by tomorrow night. For real. A baby. Tomorrow!

Yesterday, at the OBs office, when we made the decision to schedule the induction, I felt the need to rush home a tackle a long to-do list, when in reality I’ve been in “go-mode” for weeks, and there is nothing left in my apartment for me to clean, fix, fold, do, etc.  But regardless, I wanted to re-clean the fridge, re-change the sheets, answer e-mails for a second time, re-pack my hospital bag (Actually, that is the one thing that did need to happen.  It’s been packed for so long now, I’ve started to pick at it).  Jeff on the other hand, wanted to go out to a fancy dinner, which is all he ever wants to do.   Over the past month we’ve had like twenty “last-hurrahs”. 

Shawna & Edie
My favorite “last-hurrah” took place last week, and I wish I took a picture of it.  Jeff’s friend, Connor, scored two, much coveted tickets to Radiohead’s show at the Roseland Ballroom and offered one to Jeff.  Jeff was thrilled, but concerned I would go into labor while he was at the show.  I didn’t mind him going, but given I was a few days past due at that time, I didn’t want to be alone.  Not surprisingly, my rock-star Mom offered to keep me company for the night. But we didn't want to put her out, so Jeff suggested I stay at a hotel, in the city, close to the hospital and music venue so he could get to me quickly, if need be.  I thought it was a little over the top, but obliged.  Very last minute, I asked a few of my girlfriends if they wanted to hang with me at the hotel.  They were down and I loved them for it. We ordered room service, chatted about babies and blind dates.  It was the ultimate staycation and I hope to return the favor someday in the near future.

My Mom.
Good thing she has those guns!
She's gonna have plently of grandbaby lifting to do.

Stay tuned, friends! I’m about to have a baby and that always makes for a good story.  

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