Friday, October 19, 2012

An Everyday Mantra

I’m writing this post, as I sit on plane, headed back to New York from Chicago, where I have spent the later half of the week for work.  “Free time” which I have finally found on this flight, is so rare these days and the last month has kicked my ass. Lately, more often than not, I’m poorly multi-tasking, running late, leaving something behind, taking shortcuts, overtired, moody and stressed.  Although it may sound like it, I’m not complaining, just reflecting on how challenging life can be when it’s full of awesome things (work, kids, family, travel, friends, education, fitness) that seek ones attention.

My mags - I want to read these!
Marathon training hit a climax last week, with Jeff and I each clocking in 40 miles, taking up a combined twelve hours of our time.  Finding 6 hours to dedicate to running, or anything other than work, Colette and maintaining the basic needs of a apartment and family are challenging at best. Thankfully, the hardest training days are behind us and we are tapering our running schedules in preparation for race day just a few weeks away.   I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of training and following a structured workout routine, but I’ll be relieved when it’s over. 
My books - I need to read these.

In Septemeber, I started taking a class offered by my employer, Herman Miller, providing me the required 35 class hours, enabling me to sit for my PMP (Project Management Professional) exam.  The class meets once a week, for 2.5 hours, through December.  Luckily, I can attend online and it meets during the workday.   The class is great and I’m really excited about getting my PMP Certification this spring, but the required reading is constantly on my to-do list and never getting done. 

Our social calendar has not let up too much either. We threw a party to celebrate Colette’s 1st birthday on October 6th.  Last weekend we travelled to CT to run in the Hartford Marathon relay as part of our training and we’re headed back that way tomorrow for our friends’ wedding.  I’d like to have more unaccounted time to read magazines, cook a nice meal for Jeff, and have a lazy and relaxed morning playing on the floor with Colette.  Unfortunately, these are the very important and sanity-saving things that always get squeezed out of the day.

1st Birthday!!! (Check out the sweet owl cake I made)
My mantra for the marathon is “trust and repeat”.  Trust in my training, my mind, and body.  Repeat what others and I have done before.  This mantra keeps me calm, positive and most importantly, moving forward. Perhaps, I should use this mantra every day and not just on long runs. 

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