Thursday, November 1, 2012

Storm Trackers

This past Sunday Jeff and I ran a race in Central Park in preparation for the marathon and in attempt to qualify for the Under 40 minute seed for the Manchester Road Race, which we plan to run on Thanksgiving morning.  It was a success since both Jeff and I ran our fastest races ever.  Jeff ran a 7:15 pace and I ran a 7:57 pace for the 5-mile race.  While we ran, Colette had an early morning play date with Lanie, the daughter of our friends Liza and Mike who live just a few blocks from the park. That was also a success!

Lanie and Colette meet for bagels and blocks

Our plans to go to the XX concert in the Bronx on Sunday night were cancelled due to the impending storm and suspended public transportation.  We hunkered down in front of the TV and braced ourselves for the slow arrival of Hurricane Sandy. We had plenty of food, water, booze, charged electronics, batteries and flashlights. I love weather events (given no one gets hurt) and had an adrenaline rush as we read news updates and looked out the window for signs of deteriorating conditions.  We caught up on Tivo TV, played with Colette, waited and waited some more. Once the storm arrived, we were fortunately, underwhelmed. The lights flickered a few times and the wind hollowed a bit, but that was the extent of what we experienced in our apartment/bunker.  It’s rare times like this that I don’t mind of the lack of trees on our street.

The biggest impact for us has been the continued suspension of the subways and the closure of all public schools and therefore day care for the entire week.  Getting into midtown, which is where my office is located, with gridlocked streets and no public transportation is nearly impossible.  Essentially, my office, along with thousands of others, is closed because no one can get to it.  Yes, we are expected to work from home, but without childcare, it’s a little tricky. 

We’ve been nanny-sharing Colette’s day care teacher, whom lives down the street from us, with two other families, neighborhood friends of ours whom also have toddlers that go to day care with Colette.  It gives us time to get work done and gives Colette time to hang with her peeps.  Aside from that, Jeff and I have been hanging with her and getting as much work done as possible.  But truthfully, this unexpected time at home as a family, has been a treat.  We were very lucky.  Many of my colleagues, those whom live in New Jersey and lower Manhattan are still without power and will be for some time.  Many suffered, although no one we know personally, much bigger losses, such as cars, homes, and sadly, even the lives of loved ones.

Pre-Hurricane and Fancy Free

 We were very nervous that they would cancel the marathon this Sunday due to Sandy.  Not surprisingly, the marathon and hurricane cleanup require a ton of competing resources, honestly both are logistical nightmares.  To our relief, Mayor Bloomberg announced last night, that the marathon is a go.  Now, the tricky part is figuring out how to get into midtown to get our race numbers and also, how to actually get to the marathon, which starts on Staten Island.  But, those are very small obstacles, compared to what many in this area are currently facing.  My heart goes out to them and I am reminded of how blessed we truly are.

Post-Hurricane Seriousness

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