Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Overdone Egg

As I previously mentioned, when I was on maternity leave I did Stroller Strides (fitness class with stroller-bound baby).  When I returned to work, that came to an end, and I joined Winter Warriors, a running club for working moms in Park Slope.  A few weeks ago I joined Body Back, a more challenging fitness program headed up by the same women who organizes the other two programs. A small group of us, meet twice a week at the park and get our butts kicked.  In addition to the fitness portion of the program we are also encouraged to follow an eating program.  Due to lack of interest and willpower, I have not followed the eating portion.  I intended to, but it’s just not happening.  Each week our instructor, AC, gives us a homework assignment; for example, share a picture of what inspires you to get through the program.  This week she asked us to send her a bad-habit breakup letter.

Here’s what I wrote:

Cadbury Creme Egg, you and I are over.  You make me fat and my fingers sticky.  I used to have a hard time finding you, with your milk chocolate shell and gooey center, only to be found a few weeks before Easter.  Oh no, not anymore.  Ridiculously, you flaunt your many shapes and flavors year-round.  What was once a seasonal treat is now, just a constant annoyance. Like a crow, I'm attracted to your shiny foil wrapper, and like a snake, I eat you in a few quick bites.  Then, all spring, I do it again. And again.

But, starting today, that's going to change.

I'm going to reunite with you once a year, every year, on Easter Day. I'll even eat your cousin, Cadbury Mini Eggs, too. Two treats, one day, once a year.  Our time together will be short, but it will make it that much more special.

I'll miss you, but we're better apart.  You'll see.

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