Sunday, February 26, 2012

Social Calendar Quota Cap

It's 11:30PM and I want to be in bed.  Unfortunately, I still need to send one last work e-mail, pump, write and post this blog.  I don't see myself getting to bed before midnight.

I had grand plans of cleaning our bedroom this weekend, which is littered with clean and dirty laundry, shoes, scarfs, jackets, papers, and all other remnents of a busy weekend.   I hate getting ready for work in the morning when the room is a mess. It stresses me out because I can never find tights in the right shade, matching earings or my keys and easily adds 30 minutes to my morning routine.   There's no wiggle room tomorrow morning since I have a 9AM meeting. Ugh.

Every Sunday night, I'm reminded as to why we need to commit to less.

We had a great time this weekend.  It was fun and fast-paced.  From Friday night to Sunday evening, we had plans.

Friday night we interviewed a new potential babysitter. We liked her a lot.  Saturday morning I ran, with my running group, my first race in over a year.  Later that day, Jeff, Colette and I met up with a bunch of our new parent/baby friends at Hot Bird for Family Bar Day (more on that later).  After that, we dropped the babe at home with a babysitter (more on that later), and we went out to dinner with our friends Kacey and Charlie at The General Greene. Sunday morning, I went to my Stroller Strides class, sans baby, and then afterwards we went over to our friends, Kate and Ira's apartment for lunch/playdate.

Maintaining the Rigby social calendar is my thing and I love filling it to the max. Jeff is game for whatever, as is Colette.

However, this afternoon, exausted, Jeff asked if we can have a few weekend days each month that are free of plans.  I paused to think about it. Yeah, I would love that.  I just have to learn how to not make plans.  We'll have to start this goal in April since March is already booked.

Good night,


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