Sunday, January 2, 2011

5. Eat Lunch

I am never without a list, nor a goal.  My lists, much like my goals, vary in length, seriousness, and purpose.

I write about 5 lists a day; a few at work and then a few more at home. I usually write my lists on index cards, but I'll use whatever I have within arms reach, like on my mouse/note pad. In the morning when I look at my list, it gives me a sense of purpose, and at the at end of the day a sense of accomplishment.

Like most peoples lists, mine remind me to pick up the bread when I get off the train and submit my expenses at work.  The funny thing is, sometimes, I'll come across an old list that I forgot to toss, or on the backside on a magazine and it lists things like "take shower" or "eat lunch". Really, Ashley? I have never forgotten to shower.  I've avoided it, plenty of times, mostly before the age of 10, and I have certainly never forgotten to eat. Ever!

I guess in those cases, I include mundane, expected tasks on the list, not to remember them, but to plan out my day(s) in a series of steps. Baby steps.

Without a list I feel a little lost.

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